Almighty Propeller Balancer For Airplane 250-800 Helicopter

Almighty Propeller Balancer For Airplane 250-800 Helicopter

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Tool Supplies:Assembled class
Material:Composite Material
Four-wheel Drive Attributes:Assemblage


-250 450 480 500  550 600 700 800 helicopter with blades of all series .
-Airplane(Power Level)
-Quadcopters(all series)


-Almighty propeller balancer with the level of the viewer / magnetic levitation, general fixed-wing aircraft propeller straight 250-800
-Full use of carbon fiber and aluminum CNC machining, applicable to all of the main rotor diameter mounting holes for 2-5MM All the main rotor.
-the overall carbon fiber 2MM metal frame structure, the anchor using franc bearing design, standard Level viewer, easy to adjust the main rotor  balance. While additionally equipped with a magnetic levitation balancer can be more precise detection of the main rotor static and dynamic balance.

Package Includes:

1x Metal connector rotor level
1x M4*70MM metal strut 
2x M4 * 8MM francs bearing
2x M2 carbon fiber sheet support frame
1x M 8 level viewer 
2x M6 aluminum column support bracket 
4x M3 * 8MM cup Head Cap Screw
2x M5 * 25MM hex head screw cup 
2x M4 * 20MM hex head screw cup 
2x M3 * 16MM hex head screw cup 
2x M2 * 8MM cup Head Cap Screw 
1x Maglev balancer 

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